6 Blogs to Submit Your Kickstarter Project to for Free

As with any startup, promotion isn’t easy.  Finding free promotion is even harder.  The key to getting funded is often just a mention away, but landing your project in front of influencers can be a major hurdle.  That’s why we’ve collected the blogs below, all of which routinely feature successful kickstarter campaigns.  Unlike many of the other crowdfunding promoters out there, these websites don’t charge a promotion fee at the time of this article.

1 – HiConsumption.com


hiconsumption submit product

HiConsumption.com is an established lifestyle blog that caters towards fashionable men.  They cover a variety of categories including gadgets, architecture, design, fashion, art and vehicles and regularly feature Kickstarter projects.  With readership in the millions, a post here can launch your campaign into the stratosphere in no time, and is a great site to submit to if you have a product that tastemakers would admire.

2 – KillerStartups.com

killer startups screenshot

Having been one of the first blogs to feature Uber in its infancy, KillerStartups has some definite street-cred.  Submitting your project is free, and a post grants you access to their 125,000 unique monthly views.

3 – BetaList.com

betalist screenshot

BetaList is the ideal outlet if you’re seeking to promote a tech based campaign such as software or hardware.  The company has stricter submission criteria, but a post on their blog is sure to get attention from your target audience.  Submitting your new killer app is easy, but if accepted you can expect up to a two month wait for free submissions.

4 – Werd.com

werd screenshot

Werd is a daily round-up site gathering some of the coolest products online.  Their posts cover a wide range of categories and have featured Kickstarter successes like The Light Phone, Zing and the Gravity Blanket.  Submissions are free, and if approved include a buy button for your project.

5 – BatmanFactor.com

batmanfactor screenshot

If your project seems like the kind of thing Batman might have in his utility belt, BatmanFactor could be for you.  Specializing in “gadgets, gear and accessories to lead a Batman inspired life” the site has showcased numerous Kickstarter campaigns.  The BULLET flashlight, Sonnet Communicator and Digitsole Smartshoe are examples of projects that were featured, all of which went on to exceed funding goals.

6 – DudeIWantThat.com

dude i want that

DudeIWantThat has made a reputation for itself as go-to source for the craziest and most amazing stuff for sale online.  They’ve featured everything from DIY ice rinks to lapel lock-picks.  They also have an open product suggestion page and have featured Kickstarter projects in the past.


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