Science has proven that writing notes by hand has many benefits over typing on a keyboard including better memory retention and recall. What writing longhand loses in speed, it makes up for with a stronger conceptual understanding of what’s being written.

Notebooks are also a helluva lot cheaper than a MacBook. 😉

The Organic Bamboo Notebook, from a company called theGVA, offers a sleek, stylish writing surface while staying as sustainable as possible.

gva bamboo sustainable notebook in green

The notebooks are made using 100% natural bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council approved paper. Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet thanks to its tremendous rate of growth (up to 65′ per year!). Any carbon emitted during manufacturing is offset thanks to theGVA’s partnership with the Climate Neutral foundation.

gva bamboo notebook features

The bamboo notebooks measure a little over 8″x5″ and come in 13 colors. The hand-sewn binding holds 72 pages of paper available in blank, lined or dotted varieties.

You can currently pre-order theGVA’s bamboo notebook on Kickstarter for the special price of $18. The campaign is already 3x past its original funding goal and orders are estimated to deliver October 2020.

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