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Antur Performance Denim Jeans – They Thought of Everything

People’s fashion choices cover a pretty wide spectrum, but just about everybody has a favorite pair of jeans. Maybe it’s the way they fit, or how comfortable they feel. Maybe it’s the number of pockets to store your EDC gear.

Or maybe they just make you look so damn good.

Whatever makes your favorites stand out, chances are that Antur perfomance denim jeans have at least one of those aspects covered. Their new Kickstarter campaign introduces a line of feature-packed and versatile jeans that could find a welcome home in anyone’s closet.

Deep pockets

Antur Supply Co recently released a video on Tiktok that hit over 1.2 million views demonstrating one key feature of their women’s jeans… pockets deep enough for a smartphone. While women’s jeans have all the same pockets men’s do, they’re little more than aesthetic – they can hold next to nothing and are too small to contain the average smartphone.

Antur jeans are another story. Both their men’s and women’s lines have deep, full-sized pockets that can easily hold a phone, along with other essentials.

antur jean deep pockets

The pocket perks aren’t just limited to the front either… the back pockets feature a custom flap inside that helps keep contents secure.

antur jeans back pocket

Reinforced gusset

The inseam along any pair of jeans is always a high tension area. With every step we’re essentially wearing down the seams around the crotch, which can lead to some embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Distressed jeans have their place, but not there.

Antur jeans have a reinforced signature gusset that not only guards against wear and tear, but makes them more comfortable and flexible too.

antur jeans reinforced gusset

Fabric features

Antur’s denim uses a custom blend of cotton, coolmax and Lycra for ideal comfort and breathability.

Coolmax adds thermo-regulating properties to the jeans, keeping you warmer when it’s cold out and cooler when it’s warm out. It’s also 30% more breathable than traditional denim.

A Silverplus finish gives the jeans a water-resistant, anti-odor, and anti-bacterial barrier thanks to the power of silver ions.

Where to buy Antur jeans

If you’re interested in adding a pair of Antur jeans to your own closet soon, you can currently pre-order them from their Kickstarter campaign. An early bird pledge of $95 scores you a pair in your choice of solid black or mid indigo.

For full sizing details, check out their page below.

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