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AutoMask – Automatically Opening Face Mask

If you’ve had to wear a mask for any extended period, you know the burden they can be when it’s time for a sip of water or bite of food. Take it off, and you’ll have to find a sanitary place to set it. If you hang it off one ear, it’s one gust of wind away from hitting the street.

Enter the AutoMask, an electronic Iron-Man-esque mask that senses incoming objects and automatically opens a porthole over the mouth, allowing for easy access to food and drink.

AutoMask self opening face mask

Stay fueled and filtered

Infrared sensors detect objects within 4 inches of the front of the mask. This triggers the panel to flip open, revealing a 70mm hole large enough for bottles, forks, chopsticks etc.

AutoMask woman drinking
AutoMask mask you can eat through

When no object is detected, the panel automatically closes, sealing the front. Besides facilitating the transfer of vital nutrients, the AutoMask also uses replaceable HEPA filters that slide into the front panel and purify the air.

How to order the AutoMask

The AutoMask is currently available to pre-order on Kickstarter starting from a $35 pledge. Backers have their choice of black, orange or blue masks with more colors coming soon.

If funding is successful, orders are estimated to deliver November 2020.

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