Azio Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

Designed to hark back to the golden age of typewriters, the Azio Retro Classic keyboard is not only eye-candy, but built with top-notch materials as well.  The keyboard starts as a solid piece of zinc aluminum alloy, which is then polished and plated with black chrome or copper.  A genuine leather top plate is then added to really hit home on the old world feel.  The keys are not only backlit but also mechanical, which gives a solid, tactical “click” to each keystroke.  A feature many gamers and power users swear by.

Azio retro classic keyboard

In Azio’s words:

We wanted to incorporate natural materials that not only translates into higher quality build but also bring back the nostalgia of vintage goods that are personable to the physical touch and senses. This keyboard is not just about technical specifications but a certain tangibility that one can feel and connect with.

azio white typewriter style keyboard

The Retro Classic can be ordered with either USB or hybrid bluetooth connectivity and has both Mac and PC layouts.  Three designs are available: posh, artisan or onyx depending on your preference.  With funding already 766% past their goal, pre-orders are selling out fast.  You can reserve your keyboard with the early adopter price of $120 at Azio’s Indiegogo page.



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