band-it plus wallet review

Band-it Plus Ultra Minimal Wallet

The meaty tri-folding wallets of decades past have seen a decline in popularity recently. The reason? A generation of thinner, younger and more attractive wallets that make your Dad’s billfold seem like a bloated ball and chain.

However, there was one thing that those fat wallets got right – the smooth and simple luxury of pulling a hunk of genuine leather out of your pocket.

With the Band-it Plus, you get the best of both worlds; a super compact, ultra slim wallet and the tactile delight of buttery leather in your fingers.

Pick a card, any card

The Band-it line of wallets first premiered in 2013 and has released several generations since then. With the Band-it Plus, you get the same minimalist design as the original, but it can now hold 50% more cards and cash.

The elastic band is tight enough to grip even 1 card securely, but can stretch to accommodate up to 15 cards plus cash. Driver licenses, credit cards, ID badges, card fobs and more can easily stash in the Band-it.

Made in the USA with genuine leather

Unlike many of the other wallets on the market, the Band-it Plus will be manufactured in-house from their base in Colorado using leather from Thiele Tanning Company in Wisconsin.

Backers can choose from a range of colors choices for the elastic band including black, red, brown, navy blue, gray and olive green.

How to order the Band-it wallet

You can currently support Band-it’s Kickstarter campaign with an early bird pledge of $35. That gets you one Band-it Plus with your choice of band color and free US shipping.

If fully funded, rewards are estimated to deliver May 2022.

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