BRÜ tea making machine

BRÜ – The One Button Tea Maker

Here’s a fun fact: Worldwide there are 25,000 cups of tea consumed every second. That’s over 2 billion cups per day. While endless newfangled coffee machines have been introduced, tea drinkers have been left to brew the old fashioned way. Not a pod, powder or percolator in sight to help us get our oolong fix.

BRÜ is a tea making machine that brings the convenience of modern coffee makers to the world of tea.

The Nespresso-sized machine lets you dial in your preferred temperature, water level and brewing time. This means you get a clinically consistent cup of tea every time, all at the push of a button.

Any tea, any size

No pods or other proprietary capsules are required to use BRÜ. Any existing form of tea, whether it comes in bags, pouches or looseleaf is compatible with the machine. The built-in micro-mesh sieve lets you simply spoon-in loose leaf tea, or drop a bag right into the device.

BRÜ uses loose leaf or tea bags

The apple-esque dial/button combo lets you enter exactly how much water you’d like. Good for both European-style thimble mugs and jumbo thermoses.

Goodbye kettle

Both electric and traditional stove-top kettles have an issue. They routinely use more water than necessary, which then requires more energy than needed to heat one serving of tea. BRÜ heats only the exact amount of water needed for each cup, meaning less energy and water is wasted.

bru tea maker on kickstarter

BRÜ also features an “infinity mode” that dispenses up to a full tank of hot water for making non-tea items like ramen, Jello and even instant coffee.

Easy to clean

Any part that come in contact with fluid – including the glass brewing chamber, outlet tube and drip tray can go right in the dishwasher. Backers that opt for the BRÜ+ model receive a ring outlet that flushes the brewing chamber with clean water after every use, making it almost self-cleaning.

BRÜ Pricing

Based on how quickly BRÜ was funded, those billions of tea drinkers must be damn tired of making their own tea. The campaign surpassed $30k in a little over a day and is nearly $100k over their goal with 25 days remaining. Early bird rewards are still left with a standard BRÜ available with a $96 pledge.

Rewards are expected to ship April 2020, but gift cards will be sent in November if you’d like to give the gift of BRÜ.

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