dayoo steam cleaner dishwasher review

Dayoo Steam Cleaner and Handheld Dishwasher

What do magicians and steam cleaners have in common? They can both make things magically disappear in a puff of white smoke. 🪄

While the magician might have the upper hand when it comes to vanishing rabbits and beautiful assistants, the steam cleaner is unmatched at making grime and bacteria disappear.

With the Dayoo kitchen steam cleaner you might start to feel like you have a magic wand of your own. The compact cleaner is the world’s first portable dishwasher and super-fast sanitizer that doesn’t even require getting your hands wet.

A few waves of the device’s sanitizing stick and poof – the mess is gone!

The power of steam

The Dayoo’s onboard water tank holds 1.2 liters of water which an electric heating element brings to a boiling hot 221°F in just 10 seconds. All that heat creates a buildup of pressure that’s released with a trigger on the nozzle.

The super-heated vapor blasts through grime and food residue stuck on dishes, countertops, appliances and more.

Besides conquering particularly tough messes, the Dayoo can also be used as a daily dishwasher alternative. The kit comes with an additional scouring nozzle and silicone brush that can make light work of an entire kitchen’s worth of dirty dishes.

Chemical-free and conserves water

Some people spend up to a minute waiting for hot water to reach their kitchen sink. If you think of the cumulative effect over a year, that’s a LOT of wasted water. The Dayoo eliminates the wait by offering searing-hot steam on demand, which according to the campaign, can reduce water waste in the kitchen by up to 80%.

Another benefit to steam cleaning is the lack of any chemicals required to sanitize a surface. Traditional soaps, de-greasers and disinfectants come with a litany of harsh chemicals that can leave residue on your dishes and hands.

Dayoo’s pure steam power is able to remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria without a single chemical additive.

Not just for the kitchen

The Dayoo steam cleaner has dimensions smaller than a coffee maker and is easy to carry to wherever your messes might be hiding. The device’s power cable and nozzle hose span 9.8ft together, which helps it access tough to reach spots throughout the home.

Garage gear, bathroom surfaces, bedroom nightstands, mancave offices – you name it and the Dayoo can vaporize the heck out of it.

How to order the Dayoo steam cleaner

To learn more about Dayoo and snag their limited early bird price of $159 head to their Indiegogo campaign below. The base pledge comes with:

  • Steam cleaner & dishwasher
  • Standard nozzle
  • Scouring nozzle
  • 2 Scouring pads
  • Silicone pad
  • Measuring cup
  • Nail pack and adhesive pad (for mounting on the wall)
  • Oven mitt

The campaign has already raised more than $280k over their goal and orders are estimated to ship globally this month.

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