lanmodo vast m1 review

Drive Safer With the Lanmodo Vast M1 Night Vision Dashcam

If you’ve ever had to drive during treacherous conditions like snow and fog, you’ll be familiar with the strange physical transformation that happens to your body. Your hands lock into place at 10 and 2, squeezing the steering wheel like a vice. You lean forward in your seat, face pushed towards the windshield, eyes squinting into the gloom.

Driving like an Ice Road Trucker might get you home safe again, but it isn’t exactly a reassuring experience. That’s where the Lanmodo Vast M1 comes in – a high performance dashcam that uses starlight-level night vision and advanced image processing to improve driving visibility.

The results make dark nights look brighter, stormy roads look clearer and long trips a lot less stressful.

Zoom and enhance

Unlike the previous generation Vast Pro, the Vast M1 utilizes two separate components for the display monitor and wide-angle front-facing camera. This makes it easier to position the camera and allows it to work with a wider range of vehicles. The camera’s field of view has also been upgraded to a much wider 75° over 45°.

Once on the road, the Vast M1’s camera combines a specialized low light Sony CMOS sensor with Lanmodo’s own advanced image processing algorithms. The camera is able to digitally enhance the quality of the image up to a whopping 984ft in front of the car. That footage is then streamed to an 8″ 1080p full-color screen on the dash that displays the crystal clear view to the driver.

The GIF below illustrates just how dramatic the improvement in low light conditions is. The Vast M1 is literally like a window into a brighter world:

Other Lanmodo Vast M1 features

When the system isn’t serving as a kind of hawkeyed periscope, the Vast M1 has several other helpful features.

Just like a Tesla, the dashcam can record continuously, even when the car is parked. Up to 28 hours of footage can be recorded before the system writes over it, giving you ample time to catch any suspicious activities.

A built-in G-sensor is also able to detect accidents and collisions, which trigger the Vast M1 to lock the footage and prevent overwrites.

Lanmodo’s campaign offers an optional rear camera, which features similar night vision specs as the dashcam with an even wider field of view.

How to order

Backers can currently pre-order the Lanmodo Vast M1 from their Indiegogo campaign for the limited price of $199 USD. The rear view camera can be added on for an extra $49 USD.

Lanmodo is already more than $47k over their original funding goal with 24 days left in the campaign. Orders are estimated to ship April 2022.