Embrace Winter With This Heated 2-in-1 Puffer Coat

Being cold really sucks the fun out of winter.

It’s hard to enjoy the festivities of the season when you’re chilled to the bone and counting the seconds until you can go back inside. Who can think about ice-skating and snowmen when their fingers are turning blue?

But with the right coat your winters really can become a wonderland.

Dubbed the Hi Tech Hi Fashion heated puffer coat, this clever piece of winter wear has everything you need to not just survive the colder months, but even look forward to them.

Built-in nano heating pads

The Hi Tech Hi Fashion puffer coat has a total of four carbon nanotube heating elements built into the lining. The rear two are placed along the back, while the other set lines up with the front pockets. This gives the coat the benefit of having a warm place to thaw any frozen fingers. 🥶

A button on the inside of the coat controls the temperature. Four settings switch between the lowest output (100°f) up to the sub-zero-conquering 145°f.

The included 1,000mAh battery can power the heating pads for up to 10 hours on the lowest setting and also act as a portable powerbank for charging other devices.

Detachable bag and pockets galore

What’s impressive about this coat is that the hidden features don’t stop with just the heating tech. There’s also a detachable magnetic bag that’s reversible, has multiple pockets and an adjustable strap.

The left arm utilizes a snap-closure pocket big enough for essentials like a phone, credit card or keys. On the right arm is another pocket intended for AirPods or other smaller items.

Converts into a vest

If you need a little more freedom from your climate controlled coat, it has one final trick up its sleeve.😉 The sleeves can zip off, transforming the coat into an instant vest. If you’re on the go, the sleeves can be stowed in the included bag too.

How to order

The heated puffer coat can currently be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter campaign from $299, which includes both the coat and the power pack.

Pledge rewards are estimated to deliver February 2022.

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