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Feet iD – Custom Insoles Tailor-Made Just for You

Customized clothing is having a bit of a renaissance these days. In an era where mass production and fast fashion might have put us all in cookie-cutter outfits, a growing number of companies are offering apparel tailor-made for each person.

Feet iD is a perfect example. The Swedish startup has developed an awe-inspiring method of using technology to craft the most comfortable pair of shoe insoles possible. Imagine being able to slip a set of insoles into any shoe that make it feel like the people at Nike or Cole Haan were tailoring their shoes just for you.

Feet iD leaves quite an impression

If you’re familiar with modern braces like Invisalign or SmileDirectClub, the process behind Feet iD looks a little similar. First, customers order a Feet iD kit that enables them to create a detailed impression of their foot.

Just open the box and step into a specialized polymer that captures all the attributes of your footprint.

Then you ship your footprint back to Feet iD, where your impression is scanned and analyzed by a team of technicians. From there they mill a completely customized insole made just for your feet and ship it back to you.

A step forward in personalized footwear

Just because Feet iD uses your bare foot as a foundation doesn’t mean the insoles lack support. Their multilayered insoles use a range of industry leading materials including:

  • A highly breathable top layer with an anti-odor treatment
  • An EVA foam midlayer cushion
  • A poron foam heel pillow
  • A heat-moled support shell
  • A flexible carbon fiber base layer

How to order Feet iD

Fun fact: the average person takes enough steps in their life to circle the Earth… twice! If you’re going to take a couple laps around the planet, a pair of customized insoles can make all the difference.

If you’d like to support Feet iD’s Kickstarter campaign, you can currently reserve a kit for the super early bird price of $52.

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