fintic kickstarter review

Fintic is an All-in-One Home Stock Ticker and More

The Fintic LED ticker is best described with two words… ambient information. Things you’d like to know that become a part of your immediate surroundings.

Imagine never needing to dig out your phone/tablet/pc/remote to keeps tabs on the vital info in your life. That’s exactly what the Fintic accomplishes through the use of a side-scrolling display just like you’d see in Times Square.

It’s like having wall street in your living room

If you’re invested in the markets, keeping on eye on your stock prices quickly becomes routine. The ticker can display real time prices of all U.S. equities and ETFs, meaning your investments are never more than a glance away.

To access the device’s control panel, you simply connect the Fintic to your home wifi and open its hostname in your browser. Then you can enter which stock symbols to show along with optional logos and scroll speed.

The output can also switch to a “Professional Display” style, where the ticker is split into two rows, with each row displaying different kinds of information simultaneously. Both rows can also move at different speeds.

Weather, news, sports and more

There’s more to the Fintic than just financial data – the 128x32px full color LED display can show a range of other useful info including:

  • Weather – current weather data as well as 7 day forecasts from a list of over 200,000 cities. Information about UV, chance of precipitation, wind speed and direction, humidity and more.
  • News – live headlines available by country, category or source. The headlines also show information such as date and time posted, source name etc.
  • Sports – display live games, upcoming games, past games and team stats, along with hundreds of sport team logos.
  • Forex and Crypto – current foreign exchange rates and cryptocurrency prices.

How to buy the Fintic LED ticker

If you’re ready to add some ambient information to your space, you can currently pre-order the Fintic for the early bird price of $200.

If fully funded, orders are estimated to deliver January 2022.

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