Get a Text When your Mail is Delivered with Mynder Mail Monitoring

Getting the mail is a daily routine for most of us.  A brief trek out of your home to retrieve the bills and show off your round-the-house clothes to the neighbors.  For some people however, their mailbox has had a visit from Elsa the Snow Queen:

…Or Ferdinand the Flood King, Dennis the Distance Duke or even Nelson the chatty neighbor.  The point being there’s myriad reasons to avoid making unnecessary and inconvenient trips to the mailbox.

Mynder is a small, self contained device that secures to the inside of the mailbox and scans the inside for motion.  When the movement from your mail being delivered is detected, Mynder alerts you automatically via text, email or phone call.  No special app required.

mynder kickstarter mail tracker

Mynder’s built in lithium-ion battery lasts long enough to detect up to a year of deliveries between charges.

If you’d like have a hand in bringing forth the dawn of the smart mailbox, Mynder can be pre-ordered with a $65 pledge on their Kickstarter page.

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