combar tool review

Go Off-Grid with the COMBAR Super Multi-Tool

There are multi-tools, and then there’s the COMBAR.  You won’t find any wimpy can-openers or corkscrews here, but you will find everything you’d need to tear down a house.

COMBAR tools gif

Created by former Israeli Special Forces officers, the COMBAR is built to be the go-to tool for survivalists, first responders and campers.  Their company, Aclim8 is dedicated to creating Innovative outdoor solutions for the adventurous.  At under 4lbs and durable as hell, the COMBAR is equipped with up to five tools depending the pack ordered:


The handle is built from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, which ends at the hammer.  Designed to always be at the ready, the steel hammer face is for great for pounding in those tent stakes, or killing Dracula.


The stonewashed stainless steel axe blade folds out from the back of the hammer.  Perfect for chopping some kindling or breaking down a door at the Overlook Hotel.


The titanium spade folds from the handle over the hammer.  Research went in to how the spade would be utilized in the real world, which helped them optimize it for common field-work tasks like digging rain ditches and making firepits

COMBAR spade

Knife and Saw

The handle of the COMBAR is hollow, which in the pro model allows for accessories to be inserted like the optional knife or saw.  The 4.5″ knife blade has a super light glass reinforced nylon handle, and includes a clip-on sheath.

The knife can be swapped for the 9″ reciprocating saw, which fits in the same slot in the handle.

Included with every COMBAR is their “magazine” which is a glass reinforced nylon tube that lets you store things within the hollow handle of the COMBAR.  That extra space opens up a world of potential life savers, like fire-starters, keys or even smaller multitools.

The greatest tool in the world isn’t worth much you need to sacrifice a hand to carry it around.  That’s why Aclim8 includes a case and holster that lets you clip the tool on your belt.  Kinda like Batman.

Aclim8 has already more than surpassed their funding goal, which means orders should reach Kickstarter backers by December 2018.  You can pre-order your COMBAR from $359 at their campaign page.

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