hopan smart pot review

Hopan All-in-One Electric Smart Pot

Just when you think humanity has invented every kind of conceivable kitchen gadget, a new one pops up that you can’t believe wasn’t around 20 years ago. Imagine having one pot that can feed you recipes, cook them at the perfect temperature, and be used as a bowl when it’s done.

That’s all possible with the Hopan, a smart electric pot that replaces multiple other kitchen gadgets and is super portable to boot.

An app with more than just recipes

The Hopan is paired with their dedicated smartphone app which not only adjusts the temperature settings and cooking modes, but is loaded with a wide variety of recipes too.

When you find a meal you like, the app shows you step-by-step instructions and a “smart cook” function automatically sets and regulates for that specific dish via Bluetooth.

The app also lets you switch between cooking modes like wok mode, frying mode, sous vide mode and more.

hopan radiant waiter app
hopan temperature dial
The dial at the end of the handle adjusts the temperature without the app

Heat insulated outer shell

The Hopan has a very streamlined, almost Apple-esque design. While the sleek white exterior might look cool, it also has an amazing trick… it’s shockingly well insulated.

According to the campaign, the outer shell uses a thermoplastic composite material to shield the electric heating element from the outer layer of the pot. This means the Hopan doesn’t need to rest on a burner and can instead be used on anything from wood, plastic or even fabric. No oven mitt required. ๐Ÿงค

When not in use, the handle detaches from the pot and the whole unit can easily be stored or thrown in a bag. The Hopan seems ideal for RVs, boats, or other small spaces where you don’t have access to a full kitchen.

Where to buy the Hopan electric pot

The Hopan electric smart pot can currently be pre-ordered through their Kickstarter page. A $75 pledge gets you the pot, handle and glass lid, along with lifetime access to the app.

Once funded, pledge rewards are estimated to deliver December 2021.

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