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How to get Feedback on Your Kickstarter Campaign

Creating a Kickstarter campaign page is a lot like making a piece of art. The longer you look at it, the less you’re able to see its faults. Getting outside feedback is a great way to improve not only your campaign, but its chances of getting funded as well.

One of the best features Kickstarter has added in recent years is the ability to share campaign drafts. This allows you to share a private link with a preview of your page before launching it to the general public. Viewers can even provide feedback in a dedicated comment section only visible on shared drafts.

kickstarter draft comments
The comment section over any Kickstarter draft

The question on many creator’s minds is “where can I get feedback on my project draft?”

Well, we’ve outlined a few resources of where you can find honest and helpful comments for your Kickstarter campaign.


Besides compiling some of the coolest crowdfunding projects on the web, CoolBacker also offers a Kickstarter campaign page feedback service. We analyze a campaign’s video, layout, text, pledge levels and more and send you a detailed list of areas to improve. Submissions can expect a response within a couple days.

Submit your campaign here.


“The front page of the internet” has a subreddit for just about everything, including Kickstarter and Crowdfunding. A post here can get your project in front of thousands of eyes, including both backers and creators. While Reddit is infamously prickly, asking for feedback is typically received much better than asking for backers.


Crowdinsight is a service offered from GadgetFlow, one of the larger product discover platforms out there. Submitting a project here gets it in front of a community of real users who frequently shop online and back crowdfunding campaigns.

They’ll provide honest and detailed feedback about the design of your page, pricing, structure, photos, videos, and more.

Reviews are sent within 24 hours and currently cost $79 per review.

Other creators

As with many things in life, those who have gone before you often have the best advice. Search for creators who have launched campaigns in the same category as yours and ask for their opinion of your page. More often than not, they’ll be honored to lend a nugget or two of advice.

Places Kickstarter creators hangout like KickstarterForum or social media are a great way to reach out for feedback.

Friends and family

Yes, while asking family for advice can be like opening a can of worms, here’s something to keep in mind… Those you’re closest to are also probably going to be the first people you ask to support the project. Seeing that their feedback is put to use is a powerful way to convert them into backers later on.

A fresh perspective doesn’t require experience with crowdfunding to prove useful.