Hurdle Hanger Kickstarter review

Hurdle Hanger – The Ingenious One-Second Pants Hanger

Some ideas are so simple you can’t believe they haven’t been around for years.  The hurdle hanger is one of them.  Instead of traditional pants hangers that require fussy little clips, the hurdle hanger simply slides into the belt loops on any pair of pants.

This is a huge time saver and makes it much easier to pull a pair of pants out of your closet.  No more 10-deep stacks of jeans you have to unearth to find the right pair.

Using the hurdle hanger takes less than 1 second and helps keep pants wrinkle and crease-free.

Their Kickstarter campaign has been very well received and is already 4x past its goal.  A $20 pledge scores you a 10-pack of hurdle hangers.

Pre-order for $20 on Kickstarter
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