katwalk c vr

KAT Walk C VR Gaming Treadmill

Designed to bring VR gaming to the next level, the KAT Walk C could be a preview of the future. The all-in-one platform uses an adjustable waist harness combined with a specialized dish to help transfer player’s movements to the world of virtual reality (without crashing into furniture).

Users wear special friction-less shoes that slide against the surface of the base, which tracks those movements and converts them into in-game locomotion.

A waist-level harness holds players in place and allows them to lean, bend or crouch without falling off the platform.

The KAT Walk C is a fairly big commitment. The device weighs over 127lbs and takes up nearly 8 square feet of floor space. It also costs $999 (plus $350+ in shipping).

If you’d like to live like a character out of Ready Player One check out KAT VR’s Kickstarter page.

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