krma evo kickstarter pen review

KRMA EVO Solid Titanium Pen

Have you ever needed to sign an important document? Not a receipt or a water bill, but a really important, life-changing piece of paper. Something like a property deed, a marriage license or a two-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Those are the times that a normal pen just won’t do.

Every person should have a “special pen” saved for just these types of occasions. Rare milestones when you want the feel of the pen to match the significance of what you’re writing. The kind of pen you might keep in a custom silk-lined box, though that’s up to you.

The KRMA EVO could be your special pen.

The pen is constructed from solid grade 5 titanium – the same stuff used for high performance aircraft engines. Its precisely machined segments fit together in perfect balance, forming a sleek body with a minimal clip.

One twist of the pen reveals the parker-style Schmidt Easy Flow 9000M ballpoint nib, which can also be swapped out for a pressurized Fischer Space Pen cartridge.

Benefits of a titanium pen

Many of the same perks that titanium brings to aerospace and joint replacement applications apply to pens too.

  • It’s corrosion resistant and won’t tarnish
  • It has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal (go ahead, run it over with your car)
  • It’s lightweight and lasts a lifetime (or several!)

How to order the KRMA EVO pen

The KRMA EVO plans to retail for $100, but Kickstarter backers can currently pre-order the pen for $69. Should the campaign reach it’s goal, rewards are estimated to deliver October 2021.

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