legends of gondwana game review

Legends of Gondwana – A Mythical Sci-Fi MMORPG

For the uninitiated, MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and they have an amazing and at times, strange place in the history of gaming.

Their foundation could be considered tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Sprawling epics where players invent their own characters, abilities and dice-driven quests all from the safety of the basement rumpus room. With the proliferation of the internet, those same game mechanics evolved into digital platforms where you could play with not just 3 or 4 friends, but millions of players worldwide.

They are… immersive to say the least. Unlike other video games that might have a linear story arc, MMORPGs have no definitive end and can quite literally be played for years. Players can form deep emotional connections to both their own character and those they meet in their questing.

What is it about MMORPGs that are so captivating?

Put simply, it’s a feeling of work and reward. If you can defeat just one more enemy, or acquire just a little more supplies, there will be a reward. You might level up and be able to use stronger equipment. Stronger equipment means better quests, which means more leveling up… etc.

Now that you’re up to speed, there’s a new MMO on the scene. It’s called Legends of Gondwana, an original game placed in a world of ancient myths and magic with a pinch of sci-fi thrown in.

The Story

legends of gondwana gameplay

Gondwana is one of the oldest planets in the universe of Argatica, and is the only source of extremely rare and valuable herbs that enhance abilities.

The player is a character who is a member of a secret resistance whose quest is to save the inhabitants of the planet from invaders.


The game begins with players designing their own character. Everything from body shape, skin color, facial features and clothing are fully customizable.

From there, players can embark on the major story driven quests, or for shorter missions tackle the daily quests. Legends of Gondwana promises a robust combat system, where players can take on baddies in the environment or other players too.

legends of gondwana combat system

The campaign also shows a working resource and crafting system, where players can hunt down valuable materials and use them to power-up their character. Think weapons, armor and potions.

MMORPGs are notorious for HUGE worlds where it can hours to simply move your character across the map. In LOG players can hop on their favorite mount and travel in a fraction of the time. Mounts can also help out in combat in the event of an ambush.

legends of gondwana mount

Other features of Legends of Gondwana include:

  • Interactive NPCs who react differently depending on your actions and behavior
  • Trading between both NPCs and other players
  • Skill development
  • Guilds and multiplayer parties
You know a shaman with a monkey gives the good loot

How to play Legends of Gondwana

Siblings Emese and Sylvester Antal are the founders of Rigem Works, which has been developing LOG for the past two years. Their Kickstarter campaigns states the game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux with stretch goals for other platforms.

Backers can get Legends of Gondwana as a digital download with a $24 pledge. Higher pledge levels grant access to in-game perks like special armor, weapons and mounts.