kreis coffee cup review

Meet the Reusable Coffee Cup Made From Coffee

Fun fact: there are over 2 billion cups of coffee served across the planet every day. Humans just can’t enough of those caffeinated little beans, which are the world’s second most popular drink after tea.

As you might imagine, a couple billion cups of coffee produces a major supply of spent grounds. Millions of tons of coffee grounds are discarded daily, 75% of which end up in a landfill.

While some brands offer recycling programs to convert used grounds into products like compost, one startup has found a way to truly give coffee a second life, one cup at a time.

Kreis coffee cups: a circular tale

The Kreis cup is a fully sustainable reusable cup made from recycled coffee grounds and plant based materials. Kreis is the German word for ‘circle’ and represents the circular path their products follow – a cup of coffee turns into a cup of coffee!

Used coffee grounds are sourced from hotels and restaurants in Columbia, which are then combined with plant based and organic materials to increase durability and consistency. The cups are dishwasher friendly and sturdy enough to survive occasional drops and tumbles.

According to the campaign, they even smell like coffee. ☕️

A Kreis cup for home and away

Kreis is offering two initial cups for their Kickstarter campaign. Their 14oz travel mug uses a screw on lid and double wall insulation, making it ideal for car rides and carrying on the go.

The 12oz latte cup leaves plenty of room for foam art and includes a fancy little saucer.

You can currently support their Kickstarter campaign by pre-ordering the Kreis all-in-one pack from $35, which includes the travel AND latte cup with saucer. If funded, rewards are estimated to deliver February 2023.

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