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Meet the Shoe Insole That Could Become Your Next Soccer Coach

As just about anyone with school-age kids can attest to, soccer has grown to be an incredibly popular youth sport in the United States. The chart below shows the year-over-year increase in high school soccer players and it’s a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Statistic: Number of participants in U.S. high school soccer from 2009/10 to 2018/19 | Statista

As with any sport, there’s one thing all soccer players have in common – they want to get better. Fast. One-on-one attention from a talented coach might be the best way to grow your skills, but even the most eagle-eyed trainer can’t follow every movement on the field.

That’s where Jogo comes in, a suite of wearable insole sensors that track and analyze players’ every motion to help them improve.

The insole sensors

The system works through a pair of small sensors that slip into a special slot on the bottom of the Jogo insoles. The waterproof sensors feature onboard accelerometers and gyroscopes that estimate the velocity and position of each player’s foot. That data is then synced via Bluetooth to the Jogo app which creates a personalized dashboard of reports and tailor-made skill assignments.

When the sensors’ 30 hour battery life runs out, the insoles feature a magnetic charging port for easy access. That means once the insoles are in a pair of soccer cleats you don’t have to remove them again for recharging.

Data points for days

“One of the many features of JOGO is that it gives players the chance to work remotely on an individual level with their own data. Always, anywhere.”

David Dwinger, CEO and Founder of JOGO.

Despite their small size, Jogo’s insole sensors are able to measure a whopping 200 different data points 1000 times per second. These insights reveal a veritable treasure trove of player performance, including:

  • Time on the ball
  • Ball touches
  • Average speed
  • Ball received
  • Total sprints
  • Dribbling distance
  • Running distance
  • Sprint speed
  • Passes
  • Leg distribution
  • Mechanical work
  • Shot power

This information is then broken down and analyzed in either the player app, or with Jogo’s coach platform, which can track up to eleven players at once.

How to buy Jogo soccer sensors

If you’re interested in giving the soccer star in your house a data-driven edge, Jogo insole sensors can currently be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter campaign from the limited early bird price of $100. That includes left and right insoles, sensors, a magnetic charging cable and access to the Jogo player app.

If fully funded, units are estimated to deliver December 2021.

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