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Memistore – Camera Mounted Memory Card Holder

While memory cards may be constantly increasing in capacity, there’s one problem many photographers prefer to solve the old fashioned way.  One card per project.  It’s the easiest way to keep client photos, events and personal shots separate.  The downside?  TONS of tiny, fragile SD cards that are begging to end up in the bottom of the camera bag in a jumble.  A new Kickstarter project fixes that dilemma with an idea that should have come sooner…

The memistore is a super-compact SD card holder that mounts directly onto your camera.  It simply screws onto any standard DSLR 1/4″ screw mount and lets you access two additional memory cards on the go.

An internal O-ring lets the memistore turn away from the body of the camera without unscrewing.  You’re also not forfeiting the tripod mount, as a tripod can still be screwed into the other side of the memistore, sandwiching it between.

If you have SD cards coming out the wazoo, an additional memistore can also be stored on the hot-shoe mount on top of the camera with the included adapter.

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