neozoon suction lamp review

Neozoon – The Portable Suction Cup Lamp

What do you get when you cross an octopus with a lamp? No, not some phosphorescent cephalopod, but a portable light that can illuminate even the unlikeliest of places. Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Neozoon is a new lamp with a truly unique twist… a big suction cup allows it to stick to just about any flat, smooth surface.

With one meaty slap of silicone you can shine a light in your favorite reading nook, backseat window, bathroom mirror and more.

neozoon lamp sticking to glass mirror
neozoon kickstarter

This lamp really sucks

Unlike other lights designed in the past for tight spaces like closets or pantries, the Neozoon uses no glue or screws. Its giant 5.9″ wide suction cup is made from medical grade silicone, which according to the campaign page, makes it strong enough to stick in place for several weeks at a time.

neozoon kickstarter suction lamp on window

Glass, laminate wood, metal and other solid surfaces immediately become possible light sources with the Neozoon suction lamp.

Neozoon lamp features

neozoon lamp features

The project page states the Neozoon will be sustainably and responsibly manufactured in Germany using premium materials. This is refreshing to see with a consumer electronic like this. The base of the lamp is made from CNC milled anodized aluminum and 3D printed polyamide.

The onboard 2400mAh LiPo battery charges via USB-C and lasts 6-12hrs depending on the brightness setting. A single big silver button turns the lamp on or off while holding your finger down adjusts the dimmer. Remove your finger and the Neozoon stays at that current brightness level.

At maximum brightness, the LED panel outputs about 180 lumens of warm, soft light.

If you’d like to use the Neozoon as a permanent light solution, the included 137″ USB-C cord is long enough to keep it powered in place too.

How to order

The Neozoon is currently available to back on Kickstarter with several pledge levels available. The “Very Early Bird” level includes the lamp and cord for $110. If their funding goal is reached, Nezoon backers can expect their rewards around October 2021.