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Penduloz – The Gravity-Powered Geometric Drawing Machine

Gravity has many impressive accomplishments under its belt. It keeps the earth in orbit around our sun. It keeps our atmosphere from floating off into space. It also makes pretty cool art in its spare time.

It’s true – give gravity some pendulums and a pen and it will draw its little heart out. With a device like the Penduloz, you can put gravity’s creative forces on full display in your own home. The mesmerizing conversation piece uses two pendulums to draw ellipses, spirals and other geometric figures thanks to the influence of the earth’s gravity.

It commands attention and motivates fascination. It is completely mesmerizing to watch the Penduloz draw Lissajous curves. When people walk into a room and see the Penduloz, they are instantly drawn to it.

Designer and founder , Dr. Dale Rorabaugh

How the Penduloz works

The Penduloz can be considered a modern version of something called a harmonograph. Harmonographs were a relatively popular device in the 19th century that used pendulums to both demonstrate mathematic principals and dazzle audiences.

penduloz in action
To be clear, absolutely no motors or electricity are used.

The Penduloz takes the concept of a harmonograph a step further by condensing its footprint and increasing the range of movement it can generate.

The machine consists of a long pendulum with spherical disc weights and a second shorter pendulum, known as the ‘deflector’. An attached pen holder lets you easily change out colors and pens, while the moveable gimbals change frequencies.

To get it started, you simply give the pendulum a nudge and watch as its momentum is transferred to an attached pen. The nature of a harmonograph means the images the Penduloz draws are never the same twice.

The drawings can be further developed by using multiple pendulum pushes, swapping out pens or even using an iPad and Apple Pencil. Just think of yourself as an artistic collaborator with the elemental forces of gravity.

How to back the Penduloz

The Penduloz is currently offered through their Kickstarter campaign in two models. The free standing “arc” version, and the wall mounted version. Backers can pledge $25 to receive a pack of five original drawings created by the Penduloz. The wall mounted and stand alone machines are available for $299 and $399 respectively, with six colors available.

If fully funded, rewards are estimated to deliver November 2021.

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