PISA Light – World’s Smallest Rechargeable Flashlight

There’s a storm outside.  A big one.  The kind that threatens to tear the roof right off and send you straight to the land of Oz.  You hear a distant crack and suddenly… darkness.  Luckily you have a flashlight nearby, and with a flick of your thumb… more darkness.  The damn thing’s out of batteries again, and you don’t have any spares.

An unfortunate situation to be stuck in, but one that PISA Light hopes to make a thing of the past with their micro-sized rechargeable flashlight.

Smaller than the length of a paperclip, the PISA Light uses a rechargeable lithium battery and charges with a simple micro USB cable.  Eliminating the button cell batteries typically used in micro flashlights frees up space for a much smaller, lighter body. 

The 15 lumen LED bulb is 50% brighter than a standard flashlight and the light works for 5 continuous hours on a full charge.

If fully funded, the PISA Light will come in an array of colors, making it the perfect little accessory to clip onto a bag or purse.

The PISA Light can be pre-ordered with a $10 pledge on their Kickstarter page, or 2 for $18.

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