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PixelCable Adds a Customizable Display to USB Cables

If you think about it, USB cables pretty much make the world go round. They represent a power lifeline for literally billions of devices across the globe, from phones and laptops to flashlights and handwarmers. They’ve become as ubiquitous as a ballpoint pen or a pair of socks.

But while USB cables are excellent at transferring power and data from point A to point B, they can’t exactly convey much information on their own. Until now that is…

The PixelCable adds a revolutionary OLED display directly to the cable. This enables a range of cool features from showing current charge levels and power output, to custom messages and animations.

Custom startup animations

The PixelCable is available in USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to Lightening. The 88x48px screen fires up anytime a device is connected, greeting users with startup animation that can be customized through their included app. Tons of preloaded animations are available, along with the option to add personalized messages.

Nothing improves your day like a quick inspirational quote every time you plug your phone in. 😀

Real time charging levels

This is where the PixelCable really shines…

When a device is charging through the cable, its current battery level will be shown in real time on the display. This is pretty revolutionary when you consider the majority of devices need to be turned on/handled/unlocked to show their charge level.

Besides that, the PixelCable can also display the power wattage output to the device so you can tell in an instant if something is fast charging or not.

Built to last

Here’s a lesson we’ve all had to learn the hard way: cheap USB cables just aren’t worth it.

They inevitably fray, don’t charge or fall apart within months.

PixelCable on the other hand is made from braided nylon and zinc alloy connectors that can withstand over 30,000 bends. They can also hold up to 175lbs, should you ever really need to tie your trunk down.

How to order PixelCable

You can currently pre-order a PixelCable from their Kickstarter campaign for the early bird price of $29. Backers can choose between the USB-C to USB-C or Lightening models at the end of the campaign.

Orders are expected to deliver August 2022.

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