sleepie diffuser

Prepare to be Knocked Out by Sleepie

Sleepie is a bedside gadget that helps you fall asleep using a combination of proven sleep hacks.  First, your phone is connected to Sleepie and a sleep and wake time are set.  For sleep, you’re given a selection of sounds to play from isochronic tones, white, pink or brown noise.  At the same time Sleepie’s built in dual oil diffuser releases calming lavender scent into the air.  Why lavender?  A study done at the University of Southampton showed lavender improved sleep quality by up to 20%.

Get yo’ ass outta bed

Waking up is often the most jarring part of someones day.  It’s either a ringing alarm clock, a ringing/vibrating phone, or one of those god-awful wheeled alarm clocks that rolls away and hides.  Sleepie brings you back to the waking with a series of triggers backed by science.

When it’s time to wake up, Sleepie turns on a built in light that emits blue-light wavelengths.  Blue-light technology mimics outdoor light and has shown to improve mood and alertness.  Soothing sound is then cued up from selections like ocean waves or a 40hz gamma frequency, which is shown to increase attention and focus.  The device makes use of the other diffuser in the morning, releasing a citrus smell that’s been tied to increased alertness and getting tired slower throughout the day.

If you’d like to “Sleep happier” you can currently be pre-order a Sleepie for the early-bird price of $79.99 from their campaign page. 

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