raincard wallet sized raincoat

Raincard – The Rain Coat That Fits in your Wallet

Raincard is a super-compact wallet-sized raincoat ideal for emergencies and use on the go.  Using a patent pending folding process, Raincard can be condensed down to credit card sized proportions.  This lets it tuck away easily in wallets, purses or backpacks.  When the downpour starts you simply rip open the package and unfurl the material, revealing a thin but waterproof raincoat.

Ideal for sporting events, festivals and other outdoor excursions, the Raincard is a single-use item and can be tossed out when the clouds clear.  Each Raincard costs less than $1 and can currently be pre-ordered in a pack of 10 from their Kickstarter page.  If successful, delivery is expected by August, 2018.

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