rsQuake Kickstarter review

RsQuake Brings PC Games to Life Through Vibration & Light

AFTER SONY INTRODUCED the original Dualshock controller for the PlayStation, vibrational feedback has been a mainstay of console gaming. Those who prefer PC games however, have been left out of the immersion that comes from real-time physical feedback from the controller.

RsQuake is a new gaming accessory that adds both vibration and real-time lighting effects to any PC game.

rsquake kickstarter review

The sleek hardware is shaped not unlike something you’d see coming from Alienware and is built to require nothing more than a USB port. Once plugged in, RsQuake uses AI to read real-time cues from the game and transmit them into vibration.

Explosions, gunshots, impacts and more are transmitted through the desk surface to your hands via vibration resonance “quakes”. By dedicating this to a single piece of hardware, the force felt far exceeds the wimpy vibration motors found in console controllers.

rsquake pc gaming vibration

Light it up

RsQuake doesn’t stop with just vibration. The built-in AI also reads lighting cues from the game and emits a full spectrum of colors behind the monitor.

rsquake lighting effect review

The visual effects experienced in-game expand beyond the screen through RsQuake’s real-time illumination. This not only adds a whole new level of immersion, but increases color contrast and helps reduce eye strain.

Plug and play

While there have been other gaming hardware innovations over the years, they usually stall in development due to the lack of compatible games. RsQuake’s smart driver works without any extra coding from the game developer. The software makes the device compatible with any PC game without additional hoops to jump through.

Early bird pricing available

At the time of this publication there are still RsQuakes available for the early bird price of $110. If their funding goal is reached, orders are expected to ship around May 2020.

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