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Scrubbio – Magnetic Silicone Brush With Tons of Uses

Sometimes less is more. That’s especially true for kitchen gadgets, where the last thing you want is to smell dinner smoldering as you hunt through the drawers and cabinets looking for the right utensil. The best tools are the ones kept close, which is why the more jobs they can handle, the better.

Scrubbio is a deceptively simple piece of gear that has more than 8 functions. Made of food-grade silicone, the brush is built to be a go-to kitchen aid thanks to integrated magnets and a thoughtful design.

scrubbio specs

Uses for Scrubbio

Two sides of different bristles and the insulating properties of silicone give Scrubbio a range of different applications. Some uses include:

  • Dish-washing brush
  • Vegetable scrubber
  • Potholder
  • Trivet
  • Utensil holder
  • Coaster
  • Soap dish
  • Jar-opener
uses for scrubbio silicone brush

Embedded magnets make it possible to frisbee the Scrubbio onto the nearest appliance, keeping it as accessible as possible.

If no metal surfaces are nearby, an adhesive metal token is included that lets the brush attach just about anywhere.

scrubbio magnetic stick

Unlike your Vitamix or favorite bottle-opener, Scrubbio is equally at home in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Its bristles make an effective shower scrubber, glass cleaner or even personal exfoliator.

Pre-order now

Yannick Hesch, the designer behind Scrubbio, isn’t new to crowdfunding. His previous projects like MeoMitt and Parisiana have successfully funded on Kickstarter over the past year.

If you’d like a Scrubbio to help simplify your kitchen life, you can currently pre-order the brush for the early bird price of $10.

The campaign reached it’s funding goal within the first 6 hours and orders are estimated to deliver September 2020.

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