biggercake kickstarter analytics tool

See the Data Behind Kickstarter Projects with BiggerCake

Gaining insights to how a Kickstarter campaign is performing is important, whether it’s your own, or your competitors.  BiggerCake is a new tool that pulls back the curtain on all kinds of data for any project on Kickstarter. It also just happens to be free.

Available as a Chrome extension and web tool, BiggerCake displays the most useful stats and data points from a Kickstarter campaign in infographic format. To demonstrate how it works, we’ll use a project featured on CoolBacker – the Trazor razor.

To start off, BiggerCake provides an overview of the campaign with the percentage of goal reached, number of backers and dates active.

Tracking backers over time

The funding section shows both dollars raised and number of backers over the duration of the campaign. It’s important to note how the majority of backers came through in the first week of the campaign.

This is typical of many crowdfunding projects and shows how crucial it is to build hype before your campaign launches.

biggercake trazor backers over time
Backers over 30 days.

BiggerCake will refine the data even further by showing the most popular hours for backers in a heatmap. Looks like 2-3:00pm was a key time for Trazor.

The stats section shows key data points like average funding per day.

Planning pledge levels

When you’re mapping out your Kickstarter campaign it can be tough to figure out your pledge levels. You want enough options to appeal to the widest group of backers, without overwhelming them with choices.

BiggerCake shows a breakdown of pledge levels by funds raised and which tiers sold out. Finding out the most successful reward tiers of similar products is a great way to plan for your own campaign.

biggercake kickstarter pledge levels
For Trazor, the majority of backers didn’t come from their cheapest reward.

Category ranking

Just like Amazon’s best seller rank, BiggerCake displays a chart that maps where a project ranks overall in Kickstarter, as well as in its category and sub-categories. Trazor ranked 4,439th in the design category out of 19k campaigns.

There’s also a breakdown of backers by country, which is very useful for marketing efforts, especially if you’re running paid ads. For instance, if similar campaigns only brought in 5% of their goals from Europe, maybe your ad-spend is better spent elsewhere.

Creator trust

The last segment in BiggerCake is helpful for backers on the fence about whether to pledge or not. With the occasional horror-story about Kickstarter creators that take the money and run, it’s important to see who you’re pledging your money to.

The trust tab shows stats about the project creator. It includes info like their responsiveness, number of updates, other campaigns and if they’ve verified their identity.

kickstarter creator trustworthy

They say knowledge is power, and using tools like BiggerCake to reveal previously hidden data points is powerful indeed.