monitree monitor planter review

Seeing Green? Monitree Brings Living Plants to Your Desktop Monitor

According to a survey of 2000 office workers, the average employee spends 1700 hours in front of a computer screen over the course of a year. That’s over 70 straight days. With that much time shrouded in the blue glow of a monitor, it’s no wonder that many people seek a bit of natural reprieve on their desks.

Potted plants like succulents might be popular workstation accessories, but one cleverly designed Kickstarter project takes it a step further.

The Monitree is a specially designed housing that allows vines to grow around the edge of a computer monitor. You’ll be able to watch the plants grow before your very eyes thanks to a self contained system that provides everything they need in one streamlined package.

Meet your new coworkers. 🌿

There’s a budding new talent in the office

The foundation of the Monitree is a clear acrylic tube formed in a right angle. The base of the tube houses the soil and seeds which then attaches to the edge of a computer monitor with included double-side tape. The upper portion of the Monitree pot has access holes every few inches. These allow you to water your growing private forest with the included syringe dropper.

A small USB-powered LED ring light is also provided, which attaches to the top of the tube to help simulate sunlight. We can’t help but think it will also make you look great on video calls. 🙂

Due to import regulations backers will have to provide their own seeds. However, the Monitree is designed to work with common plant store staples like Muehlenbeckia complexa (Maidenhare vine) which are easy to find.

The campaign states plants can last up to 10 months in a Monitree before being transplanted into a standard pot.

More than just monitors

While a computer monitor might get more attention than just about anywhere, that’s not the only place you can install a Monitree. Anyplace there’s a corner can work including wall art, shelves, TVs and more.

Backers can currently pledge $49 for a single angle Monitree which includes the tubing, pot, LED light, tape, water syringe and fertilizer. For the full wrap-around experience the price bumps up $59 for the super early bird special.

The Kickstarter campaign reached its $5000 funding goal in just 6 hours and currently has more than three weeks to go. Pledge rewards are estimated to deliver June, 2022.

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