segway dirt ebike review

Segway Electric Dirt Bike

In the past few years Segway has become much more than the preferred mode of transportation for Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Their line of electric people-movers like scooters, hoverboards and even gokarts has made it seem like the future is really here. It only takes a couple processions of indifferent people on e-scooters crossing your path for it to really feel like 2019.

Segway electric dirt bike

The Segway Dirt eBike is their latest project and the first to leave the smooth streets of the city behind.

Electric off-roader

Designed as a hybrid between a dirt bike and a mountain bike, the all electric Dirt eBike is built to make the great outdoors its playground.

segway X260 review

The aluminum frame is a similarly sized to a traditional dirt bike, while keeping the weight lower at 121lbs. Craggy mountain trails, steep rocky hills and even the occasional forest creek are all doable thanks to industrial-grade waterproofing and plenty of power.


The Segway Dirt eBike will be available in two models, the X160 and the larger, more powerful X260. The visible differences between the two are minimal, but the performance is where they really differ.

segway x260 electric bike indiegogo

The X260 is powered by a 5kw electric motor that hits 0-31mph in 4.1 seconds. As any Tesla owner will tell you, the torque of an electric motor is astounding. Segway is no different with their dual-drive system outputting 184.6 ft*lbs of torque with a top speed is 46.6mph. The 32ah battery provides enough range for up to 74.6 miles of action (that’s more than the first generation Nissan Leaf).

Segway dirt ebike x160 review

The cheaper X160 is no slouch either. It’s smaller 3kw motor still pulls along at 30mph with a range over 40 miles.

Unlike other electric rides such as e-scooters, the lithium battery unit of the Segway Dirt eBike is swappable. That means a rider can take a few seconds to switch out the battery, rather than waiting hours for it to charge.

Pre-order now, save later

Segway’s Indiegogo campaign is offering the Dirt eBike X260 and X160 for a $299 or $399 deposit. By ordering now, backers save $500 off their future retail price of $3999 and $4499.

Segway has reached nearly 500% of their funding goal, and is an established company, making fulfillment here a very low risk. Orders are expected to ship February 2020.

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