SketchForm: The Next Generation Artist’s Model

The traditional artist’s mannequin has long been overdo for innovation.  The featureless wooden body would grind into only the most arthritic of poses, not to mention you can’t quite tell the back from the front.  SketchForm brings the artist’s model into the future thanks to a fully articulated body and 3D printing.

sketchform kickstarter

Designed to match standard 8 head tall proportions most artist’s use, the SketchForm is 3D printed out of sturdy SLS nylon and packed full of ball-and-socket and hinge joints that give it a huge range of motion.  Each joint is firm enough to hold its own weight, and the tension level can also be adjusted with a standard hex key.

Magnets in the feet allow the figure to lock onto the included steel plate, meaning it can contort into dynamic action poses that would otherwise tip it over.

For Drawing or Sculpting

Thanks to its skeletal thickness, the SketchForm can also be used as an armature for sculptors.  The clay sticks to the surface easily and the pose can be adjusted at any point during the sculpting process.

The 9″ SketchForm can be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter page for $65 and the 12″ model for $115.



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