smartarm phone holder kickstarter review

SmartArm Keeps Your Phone at Arm’s Length – Literally

THERE ARE MANY kinds of phone holders out there. Suction mounts, cup-holder mounts, tiny tripods etc. You know what none of them attach to? The human body.

smartarm phone holder review

SmartArm is an incredibly versatile phone holder that mounts your phone on your body like a new appendage. A quick flip, click or twist and you can interact with your device from multiple angles while still having both hands free.

The SmartArm does more than just keep your iPhone attached to your wrist. An internal mechanism releases from the armband and transforms to suit a huge range of uses. A few turns and the mount transforms into a stable tripod. A few other twists and it becomes a selfie stick.

There’s also an included pocket-clip that allows it to mount on vertical surfaces likes bags and purses.

SmartArm is universally compatible

Unlike the vast majority of smartphone accessories, SmartArm works with just about any phone with a screen size under 7″.

It’s easy to imagine some practical everyday uses for a device like this. Cyclists and drivers could have maps open and easily viewable. Chefs could have a recipe at arm’s length while keeping both hands available. DIYers could even have a how-to video open while they attempt to re-caulk the sink.

smartarm wrist mounted phone holder

How to buy SmartArm

SmartArm can currently be pre-ordered on their Kickstarter page with a $59 pledge. That’s a 25% savings from their future retail price. If funded, orders are estimated to deliver August 2020.

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