StylusFlex All-In-One Swiss Army Knife Stylus

Modern civilization is at an unusual predicament at the moment.  Our technology doesn’t quite fit in a chip in our head, and yet is becoming a little too advanced for our greasy monkey fingers to operate.  In the meantime, we’ll need to rely on clever devices like the StylusFlex to serve as a gateway between us and our gadgets.

StylusFlex does all the things you would expect from a traditional touchscreen stylus along with a few hidden skills.  When not in use, it snaps into your phone’s headphone jack (should you have one) and folds backwards 180 degrees behind the device.  This allows it to easily fit in your pocket without getting in the way.  When you’d like to watch a video or otherwise have your hands busy, the stylus has a super pliable core that lets it bend into whatever angle stand you need.

Since the entire length is capacitive, the folded curve of the StylusFlex also lets it serve as a quick barrier between you and those filthy, filthy public touchscreens.

If you’d like to meet your 11th finger as soon as possible the StylusFlex can currently be pre-ordered on their Indiegogo page for $15, or their website:



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