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Switchbrush – The Self-Cleaning Portable Toothbrush

I’m about to share something with you that you might not want to hear. A scientifically proven fact that most of us would rather pretend is internet rumor.

Brace yourself, here it is…

Your toothbrush probably has poop on it.

Research has shown that more than 60% of toothbrushes contain trace amount of fecal matter, as well as millions of more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

But don’t panic, there are solutions. Besides resorting to Adrian Monk-like habits of throwing your toothbrush out twice a day, there’s a new Kickstarter project that aims to solve not only the germ issue, but traveler’s woes too.

Switchbrush is a whole new take on the toothbrush that combines streamlined portability and the germ-zapping power of UV light into one.

switchbrush features

Cleaned by the light

With the push of a button, the brush head flicks open like a switchblade straight out of Rebel Without a Cause. When closed, the Switchbrush automatically activates an embedded UV-C light. UV light is a proven method to kill up to 99% of bacteria, including those pesky poo particles lingering in your bristles.

switchbrush in action

The light is powered by on-board batteries that last for up to two weeks of daily use between charges. The replaceable head of the Switchbrush uses a combination of nylon and silicone bristles to both clean teeth and stimulate gums.

Perfect for travel

If there’s one thing you know you’re going to bring on a trip, it’s a toothbrush. The usual methods might sound familiar: soggy Ziploc bags, little rolls of aluminum foil or those plastic caps that somehow never quite fit. The Switchbrush requires none of those as the folding mechanism protects the bristles while minimizing the size of the toothbrush.

switchbrush size review

Early-bird pricing

If you’d like to experience the peace of mind that comes from a fecal-free toothbrush, the Switchbrush can currently be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter campaign for the early bird price of $35.

If fully funded, rewards are expected to deliver in June 2020.

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