andobil magstick review

The Andobil MagStick Tripod Transforms Phones into Photography Powerhouses

The camera capabilities most modern smartphones have these days are pretty extraordinary. 4k video, 63MP panoramas and built-in editing suites are just some of the features that lead people to take more than 1.2 trillion photos a year.

The availability of photography accessories like lights, microphones and tripods are one thing that have held smartphones back from competing with their traditional counterparts, SLR cameras.

But that could be about to change thanks to a mobile tripod that finally gives smartphone photographers a ‘leg to stand on’. 😉

The ultimate smartphone tripod

The MagStick is a professional grade mobile tripod designed from the ground up for smartphones. It’s namesake feature is a MagSafe compatible mount that attaches instantly to any suitably equipped iPhone. Just touch it to the mount and boom, it’s connected. No screws, bands or special cases required.

When fully collapsed, the MagStick measures a manageable 12.3 inches and the compact tripod legs fold seamlessly against the shaft. At full extension, the MagStick reaches 63.5″ (over 5ft!) making it ideal for group photos.

The minimal legs mean the MagStick can also serve as a one-handed selfie stick – something made even easier by its airy 1.43 lb weight.

Not just for iPhones

If you’re starting to feel bitter about not having the latest iPhone, the MagStick can still work for you. Andobil has included an adhesive metal ring that can be applied to any standard smartphone or case and will work just as well with the MagSafe attachment.

To double-up its grip, the tripod also uses a locking clamp mechanism to grasp each side of the phone. The clamp arms automatically tighten with the push of a button on the back, which is pretty slick.

The magnetic clamp can also be removed entirely, revealing a standard 1.4″ screw compatible with almost all cameras as well as GoPros.

Built in remote control

Tucked into a special groove along one of the legs lies MagStick’s Bluetooth remote control. The battery-powered remote is compatible with Android and iOS and works from up to 49ft away. The embedded design makes it an ideal trigger in selfie stick mode too.

Accessory mounts

Andobil has integrated a special cold-shoe mount into the tripod that allows a microphone and fill light to be directly attached. The battery-powered light has a color temperature range of 3000-7000k and a brightness level of 7600lux.

The aluminum alloy mic is built for video or streaming and features a frequency range of 100HZ – 18000HZ.

How to order

If you’re ready to order the MagStick you can still catch the last week of their Kickstarter campaign. One MagStick can be pre-ordered for $59 and is estimated to deliver July 2022.

Check out their campaign below for more details.

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