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The Immunikey Helps you Avoid Germy Surfaces

During this pandemic, it’s nice to wish you could envelope yourself in a kind of force field. The sort of thing out of a comic book, where nothing can enter your personal sphere of safe space. Force fields may have to stay fiction for now, but there is a different kind of personal barrier out there…

It’s called the Immunikey and put simply, it touches what you don’t want to touch.

immunikey keychain tool

The keychain-sized hook is designed to be your guard against some of the germier things we encounter everyday. Door handles, elevator buttons and ATM keys are just some of the bacteria breeding grounds the Immunikey tackles.

At about the same size as a large key, the tool is compact enough to slip into pockets or bags with no added bulk. The hook grasps onto handles, levers or other things you need to pull. The tip’s used to push, press or tap, keeping your hands a healthy distance from dirty surfaces.

immunikey door opener
immunikey features

Viruses and bacteria can live for several days on hard surfaces, which is why the Immunikey is made of brass. Copper, the main component of brass, has been shown to have natural antimicrobial properties. It acts as a kind of kryptonite to germs, which can’t survive on its surface.

How to order

The Immunikey was designed and developed in France, with final production taking place in a facility just outside of Paris.

The campaign has already surpassed its funding goal, which means pre-orders are scheduled to deliver in late June. Backers can score two Immunikeys for $22, with discounts available at higher quantities.

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