omni one lamp kickstarter review

The Omni One Smart Lamp is an Enlightening Experience

If you’ve been waiting for a Star Trek style future where you can walk into a room and speak your preferred light settings, that moment is here. 💡

A new lamp called the Omni One puts you in control like never before thanks to integrated smart tech that lets you dial in your lighting settings with just your voice.

The lamp’s innovative design not only looks striking, but uses diffusers to double the light output without consuming more energy.

The light is emitted both downwards and upwards, creating a more “Omni”-present light source than traditional lamps.

Omni One adapts to any environment

It’s easy to take for granted the affect lighting can have in our lives. We’re never more than a few feet from a light bulb, yet don’t always realize the amount of influence it has over our moods and energy levels.

With the Omni One you can seamlessly transition from warm ambient light to the bright clarity of a workspace. Instead of traditional bulbs and sockets, the lamp uses a highly efficient LED cluster that can adjust the lighting temperature between 1800k and 4000k, along with light intensity.

The lamp’s smart features come via compatibility with Google Home, Alexa, Homekit and IFTTT. Once synchronized with your choice of app, it’s possible to speak a range of commands like, “Hey Google, put Omni in candlelight mode”.

Even more personalized settings are possible like sunrise/sunset times and remote access over wifi.

The Omni One can also be wired to existing circuits and function app-free with a traditional switch.

Three color choices are available

Part lamp, part art installation

Omni’s unique appearance comes from veteran lighting designer and Red Dot award winner Mauro Bertoldini. In his words,

Omni One is the synthesis of all my research and years of experience, so in a certain way, it represents the culmination of my life dedicated to design

The lamps are made in Italy and feature no glue or screws in their construction. The entire design can be separated and replaced individually to avoid good parts ending up in landfills.

How to back

The Omni One smart lamp can currently be pre-ordered from the company’s Kickstarter campaign. Two sizes are available which measure 28cm and 50cm in respective diameter. Early bird pricing starts from $266.

Orders are estimated to deliver October 2022.

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