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This Card Game Includes THROWING STARS – Ninja Ninja

Card games can get frustrating. Really frustrating. Sometimes it takes the full power of your mind, body and soul not to just starting throwing things at your opponent. Well, in Ninja Ninja, that’s kinda the point.

Ninja Ninja by another game company kickstarter review

Gameplay begins by players choosing their character and setting up their assigned cards in the included stands. In each round players draw and reveal cards from the deck. The person with the highest card wins and keeps the other cards.

If someone plays a challenge card, guard your eyeballs… those throwing stars are happening.

The players enter a dual and throw the foam stars across the table, trying to knock down their opponents cards. Just like in real Ninja battles, limbs do get lopped off. Body-part cards like arms, legs and heads are all targets during challenges.

Miss the card you were aiming for? Too bad… You’ve just given your opponent more ammo.

The goal of the game is to either end-up with all the standard cards, or decimate your opponents by knocking down their body or player cards.

Ninja Ninja is currently live on Kickstarter and can be pre-ordered for a $20 pledge – 40% off the future retail price. If funded, orders are expected to ship by July 2019.

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