Horizon ruler kickstarter review

This Ruler Lets you Draw in Pixels

There’s nothing quite like putting pencil to paper to get the creative juices flowing.  However, digital designers are typically chained to computers, clicking away at screens and fighting with software that’s often a barrier to creativity.

The Horizon Ruler is a metal tool the size of a credit card that brings pixel perfect measurements into the real world.

Simulating a 150 PPI (pixels per inch) length, the pixel measurement side divides any line into 10 distinct pixels.  This makes it the perfect tool for wire-framing apps and websites.  Any buttons, icons or other UI elements can easily be sketched down on paper and referenced before you ever boot up a laptop.

The Horizon Ruler is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel and has the exact same dimensions as a credit card.  This lets it slip into a wallet and be used on the go.

Besides pixels, the ruler also measures inches and centimeters and has a built in compass, t-square and protractor.

Knowing the correct font size to use is crucial in design.  That’s why Horizon included pica units (a typographic measurement) that helps you scale type the right size on paper and transition it seamlessly to the screen.  You can even determine margins and gutter sizes.


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