TileRec kickstarter review

TileRec – The Voice Recorder as Light as a Penny

Humans tend to be a forgetful bunch. Lectures, meetings and interviews may present us with incredible amounts of information, but retaining it all isn’t one of our strong suits. While we remember more of what we hear than read, things often travel in one ear and out the other.

TileRec is an ultra-portable personal recording device that aims to help you reclaim that lost information.

tilerec features
tilerec keychain

It’s how small?

Really small. At half the width of a credit card, TileRec is designed to fit in places like wallets, purses, key-chains and pockets. And weight certainly won’t be a burden here – at 0.5 ounces it’s literally as light as a penny.

You wouldn’t be blamed for assuming something so small might be a bit fragile, but TileRec’s aluminum housing is pretty sturdy. Like, run-it-over-with-a-car sturdy:

tilerec run over by car

Can’t my phone do that?

Recording things like school lectures and business meetings isn’t a new idea. Various tape recorders were a common sight until the dawn of the iPhone, but there are definite advantages to using a dedicated recording device.

While smartphones may be the jack of all trades, they aren’t really built for regular audio recording. Power-hungry voice memo apps are put to shame by TileRec’s battery life, capable of more than 24 hours of continuous recording time. Smartphones are also notorious for cancelling recordings when a call comes in (even if it’s unanswered 😫).

tilerec vs phone

TileRec’s internal 8GB memory stores up to 145 hours of high quality 128kbps MP3 audio. Stored files are accessed on a computer via USB.

How to order

tilerec in hand

Atto Digital, the company behind TileRec, is not new to making audio recorders. Their existing products are currently available on Amazon and this is their second successful crowdfunding campaign.

The TileRec represents their slimmest device yet and Kickstarter backers can score a reduced price before it’s for sale to the general public.

A $40 pre-order includes one TileRec, inclusion in the company’s “Backer Hall of Fame” and a handwritten thank you note.

Units are expected to deliver March 2020.

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