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Trazor Universal Razor with Built-in Shaving Gel

If Tony Stark took some time off from the Avengers to work on a razor, this is what he would come up with.  Designed to be an all-in-one shaving system, Trazor is a new take on the razor that Iron-Man would be proud of.

The top of the handle features a multi-blade adapter that accepts over 40 different razor blades.  A twist of the dial lines up multiple blade attachments, which work with the majority of major blade brands for both men and women.

The ergonomic handle has the swoops and curves of a Ferrari and is much more substantial than the typical plastic stick of most razors.  The universal adapter keeps you from getting stuck with only one brand of compatible blades.

Women’s razors are often sold at a HUGE markup over men’s.  This is mostly due to marketing campaigns convincing people men and women’s razors are different.  Besides price and a bit of color, they’re really not.  Trazor allows women to buy cheaper blades that wouldn’t normally be compatible with “women’s razors”.

trazor for men and women

Built-in Shaving Gel

At the opposite end of the handle is an integrated pump that dispenses Trazor’s own brand of shaving gel.  Designed to need little to no water, the gel is made from natural ingredients like ginger root and eucalyptus and can also be used as an aftershave.  This is a huge convenience for travelers, who would no longer need to lug along a can of shaving cream.

trazor gel

Trazor Trim

Instead of a gel dispenser, the Trazor Trim has an electric trimmer built-in to the handle.  Between the razor at one end and the trimmer at the other, the shaver can tackle nose, ear, side burns or eyebrow hair for 360-degree facial grooming.

trazor gel and trazor trim razors

Trazor’s early-bird pledge level includes a Trazor Gel, two 5 edge blades, 2 gel cartridges, a razor stand and their see-through travel case for $25.

Pre-order from $25 on Kickstarter


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