UFO tops spinning top kickstarter review

UFO Tops – Metal Spinning Tops Designed From Real UFO Sightings

Quick! Think of two things that are disc-shaped and spin. If you’re like most of us, you probably just conjured an image of a flying saucer. UFOs have been encountered as many different forms, but it’s the iconic saucer shape that has cemented itself in the minds of the public.

Ask just about anybody to draw a UFO and they’ll likely scribble out the famous flattened oval. But what’s another rotating disc-shaped object? The classic (and very terrestrial) spinning top. While the gyroscopic magic of tops has entertained people for generations, there’s never been one quite like this.

UFO Tops take the same mesmerizing motion of a top and combine it with some rather… out of this world design. 🛸

Each of the three tops is styled to resemble a real UFO sighting from around the world. The designs are based on the following documented sightings:

  • Shag Harbour incident in Nova Scotia – 1967
  • Height 611 sighting in the Soviet Union – 1986
  • Lubbock Lights encounter in Lubbock Texas – 1951

Besides the neat designs, UFO Tops use an all metal assembly to help them achieve some extraordinary spin times. When you watch a top spin for over 8 minutes, you begin to wonder if there really isn’t some extraterrestrial power core inside.

Speaking of power cores, the central shaft of the UFO Top is removable, which means the cores can be swapped between models. By removing the core, you can also have some fun with the saucer body by itself. Spin it like a coin and you’re in for a whole different kind of hypnotic show:

All three tops can be ordered in your choice of aluminum, stainless steel or black titanium. Unique finishes help further customize the tops with options like psychedelic steel and cosmic silver.

How to buy UFO Tops?

If you’d like to watch in wonder as your very own tiny UFO defies gravity, you can currently pre-order a UFO Top from their Kickstarter page. Prices range from $15 for an aluminum model up to $59 for the black titanium variety.

The project has already reached more than double their funding goal with pre-orders estimated for delivery July 2021.

~P.S. they’re also a great way to check if you’re inside some sort of Inception-type dreamscape. 😯

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