pallate smart fridge review

Upgrade Your Kitchen With the Pallate Smart Fridge System

Refrigerators are undoubtedly one of the best inventions of the last 100 years. They’ve radically improved our diets and food quality among countless other benefits.

For all that they add, they’re also prone to a degree of mystery however…

Questions like “how long has this been in the fridge“, “do we need more of this thing in the fridge“, and the venerable classic “what’s in the fridge” are always in need of answering.

You might think these would be problems technology could be primed to help with, but until recently the best a high-tech fridge could offer was a tablet bolted onto the front.

The Pallate smart fridge system on the other hand uses cutting edge sensors and software to grant unparalleled insights into the mysterious world of your refrigerator.

By visually tracking and measuring the contents, Pallate is able to tell you what’s in the fridge, how long it’s been there and when it’s time to get groceries.

Pallate works with any fridge

The system works through two sensor units that can be fitted to any fridge. A wide angle camera mounts to the middle of the roof of the fridge and points downward at the shelves. As items are removed or added, an image recognition system scans the container and checks it against Pallate’s database.

Operating in conjunction with the camera are weight sensors that slide under the refrigerator. As food is added, removed or eaten, the scales are able to monitor the weight change and update your digital food catalog accordingly.

Pallate’s smartphone app wireless pairs with the fridge sensors to give you a virtual window into your food supplies where you can add expiration dates and get reminders to avoid food waste.

By working together, Pallate claims these systems can accurately monitor the complete contents of your fridge.

It’s like a chef that lives in your fridge

Pallate’s app is able to do more than just tell you when you’re low on eggs… it can also generate custom recipes based on the exact contents of your fridge. These personalized recipes help avoid wasting food you might otherwise have passed over, and experience new meals without extra trips to the store.

Pallate’s campaign also promises integrated grocery shopping through delivery or curbside pickup, along with price comparisons from multiple stores.

pallate recipe app

How to buy the Pallate smart fridge tech

Pallate is currently raising funds through their Indiegogo campaign. The complete kit is available to pre-order from $279, but CoolBacker readers can save $60 by using the link below.

If fully funded the units are estimated to ship April 2023.

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