Wooly Mammoth – A Recyclable Cooler Insulated with Wool

Writing this on “Cyber Monday”, it’s easy to be reminded of how temporary the products we’re sold really are. What might be the ultimate gift today is bound towards the same state as nearly all consumer goods: Outdated and unwanted within a year.

The good news is a growing awareness of the lifespan of our products. Quality over quantity is a popular mindset, along with knowing what you buy today isn’t going to end up atomized in our oceans, soil or air later.

The Wooly Mammoth cooler is designed with just these kinds of attributes in mind. The 100% plastic-free cooler is built to last a lifetime using only materials that are recyclable, compostable, or re-usable.

wooly mammoth cooler review

But besides being Mother Earth approved, it’s got some innovative features under the lid, as well as being quite stylish in a Scandinavian sort of way.

Insulation powered by wool

Sheep just don’t get the credit they deserve.

They’re able to take lowly grass and underbrush and convert it into possibly the best natural insulator on the planet. The natural crimp of sheep’s wool traps little pockets of air that act as an insulator, just like styrofoam. The difference is that wool is completely non-toxic and biodegradable, as well as being innately antibacterial.

Wool Street, the company behind the cooler, found that their wool insulation performed just as well as traditional polyurethane foam-filled coolers.

The 13 gallon tank stays cold for over 3 days thanks to the power of wool insulation.

Built-in cutting board

The lid of the Wooly Mammoth has a couple tricks up its sleeve.

Instead of just popping off like traditional cooler lids, their top is attached with special hinges that allow it to open like a tackle box. The bamboo surface is naturally anti-bacterial and makes for a perfect portable cutting board.

Food can also be served on the top without blocking access to the rest of the cooler contents.

How to buy

The Wooly Mammoth can currently be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter page for the early-bird price of $175. If fully funded, the coolers are expected to ship September 2020.

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