X Suit: The Stretchy, Self-Cleaning Suit From the Future

The X Suit seems to have been made from material found at a UFO crash site.  It’s not only stretchy and comfortable enough to literally do backflips in, but also repels liquids.  Not just a few drops of rain either.  A glass of orange juice or red wine will roll right off the X Suit without a mark.  Their trademarked “X Shield” technology fundamentally transforms the fibers of the suit to repel liquids and stains.

stain-proof suit

Once you put on the magical “X” material you’re unlikely to need to wear anything else, so the suit comes in two styles.  Corporate, for business wear, and sport, which comes with a detachable hood ready for city-slickin’.


doing a flip in a business suit gif


Should a larger stain manage to penetrate the suit’s barriers, the X Suit has a trick… simply pouring water over the fabric will cause the stain to roll right off the surface.  Other stains will immediately release when pressure is applied, making the X Suit nearly self cleaning.

12 pockets are sewn in throughout the suit that can hold everything from an oversized phone to a charging bank.

X Membrane lining panels are built in that isolate and neutralize orders immediately while still keeping the fabric breathable.

The X Suit can be thrown in a bag and still be pulled out wrinkle free, but thanks to its “Shape retention” should a crease form, the suit’s “shape memory” will activate simply by hanging it and automatically smooth away wrinkles.


The X Suit can be yours for the Indiegogo special price of $325.  If you’d like to try out the “X” super-material without going all in, you can also order their X Tee, which has the same liquid repellant and wrinkle resistance as the suit for only $50.


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