Free Indiegogo Fee Calculator

When you launch an Indiegogo campaign there are a ton of numbers to keep track of.  From manufacturer quotes to shipping prices it’s easy to loose track of your expenses.

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The price Indiegogo charges to use their platform is a bargain considering the amount of people it exposes you to.  However, it’s still crucial to keep track of exactly what you’ll be expected to pay in fees.

We’ve created a free Indiegogo fee calculator that does the number-crunching for you.  All you need to do is enter the total funds raised (or that you plan on raising) and the number of backers.  The total amount of Indiegogo fees will be shown below.

Enter the total amount of funds raised:

Enter the total number of backers for this campaign:

According to Indiegogo’s fee page, they charge a flat 5% fee on the total funds raised.  Then their credit card processor Stripe charges an additional 3% plus $0.30 per transaction.

If funds are dispersed to a bank account outside of the United States there’s an additional $25 international transfer fee.

If you’re running a fixed funding campaign and don’t meet your goal you don’t pay any fees to Indiegogo or Stripe.  Other contributions that are refunded also don’t pay any fees.